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 Abrasives,Additives Adhesives
 Apparel, Fashion & Garments
 Arabic Herbal Products
 Arts, Antiques & Collectibles
 Aerial & Antenna Equipment
 Aerospace & Defense
 Aggregate & Sand
 Air Condition
 Alarm Systems & Equipment
 Artists Materials
 Asphalt & Bitumen
 Bathroom Accessories
 Beauty Products
 Bicycles & Rickshaws
 Building & Const. Materials
 Blinds & Awnings
 Building & Const. Materials
 Bricks & Blocks
 Car Dealers
 Carpets & Curtains Accessories
 Chemicals & Dyes
 Cleaning Accessories
 Clock & Watches
 Computer & Networking
 Computer Software
 Consumer Products
 Contact & Ophthalmic Lenses
 Cooling, Heating System
 Dairies & Dairy Products
 Dredging & Reclamation
 Electronics & Electrical
 Energy & Environment
 Food & Beverage
 Garden Products
 Gifts & Crafts
 Health Care & Medical Products
 House Hold Products
 Hygiene & Personal Care
 Industrial Supplies
 Kitchen Home Appliances
 Leather Products
 Leisure/Fitness Equipments
 Machine Tools
 Machinery Suppliers
 Mechanical Components
 Mineral & Metals
 Musical Instruments
 Oil & Gas
 Oil Companies
 Oil Marketing Companies
 Oil Refiners
 Oilfield Contractors & Services
 Oilfield Equipment
 Oilfield Suppliers
 Dredging & Reclamation
 Oils (Vegetable)
 Paper & Cardboard Products
 Pipes, Pump Fitting Accessories
 Plant & Machinery Suppliers
 Plastics & Plastic Products
 Plastic & Rubber Products
 Porcelain, Ceramics & Glassware
 Printing Material Suppliers
 Sanitary & Building Hardware
 Scientific Instruments
 Security & Safety Accessories
 Shipping & Ports
 Sporting Goods
 Stationery - Office & Schools
 Stones & Marbles
 Switchgear Manufacturers
 Telecom Products
 Textiles & Garments
 Textile Merchants
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1.123 Apotik, Pharmacies
2.123 Cafe, Cafetaria
3.124 Toko, Garment
4.18 Hrs Cafe, Cafetaria
5.2051 Multi Product, Garment
6.21 Express, Courier Service
7.21 Toko, Agriculture
8.22 PD, Plastics
9.24 Toko, Plastics
10.2M Warung Makan, Ready To Serve
11.3 K Toko, Plastics
12.32 Celular, Equipment
13.345 Toko, Goldsmiths
14.347 Salon, Beauty Salons
15.4 Seasons Factory Outlet, Garment
16.41 PD, Products
17.456 Toko, Iron
18.4848 Irawan Sarpingi PT, Taxicabs
19.5354, Dresses
20.66 Toko, Materials
21.686 Production, General
22.79 Cafe, Cafetaria
23.85 Cell, Equipment
24.9 Toko, Retail
25.99 Elektronik, Instruments
26.99 Elektronik, Others
27.99 Mobil, Dealers - Used Cars
28.A & B, Laundry Equipment
29.A & J Computer, Computers
30.A & T Toko, Fashion
31.A Kasoem Hearing Centre, Hearing Aids
32.A Kasoem Optical, Retail
33.A Tinky, Instruments
34.A! Studio Desain Grafis & Cetak, Printers
35.AA Apotik, Pharmacies
36.AA Elektronik, Dealers
37.AA Motor, Filling
38.AA Photo Studio, Colour Prints
39.AA Putra Motor, Salon
40.AA Service, Electronic
41.AA Toko, Goldsmiths
42.AA Toko, Bags
43.AA Toko, Retail
44.AA-17 Computer, Computers
45.AAA Car Rental, Taxicabs
46.AAA Naga Mas Rent Car, Rental & Leasing
47.AAA Naga Mas Rent Car, Dealers - Used Cars
48.Aang Baru Penginapan, Hostels
49.Aarti Jaya CV, Garment
50.Aarti Jaya CV, Manufacturers
51.AB Jaya, General
52.Abach House Of Fashion, Fashion
53.Abacom, Computers
54.Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia PT, Systems & Equipment
55.Abadi, Bakers
56.Abadi Advertising, Outdoor
57.Abadi Aluminium, Aluminium
58.Abadi Asesoris, Manufacturers
59.Abadi Asesoris, Accessories
60.Abadi Asri Hotel, Hotels
61.Abadi Asri Hotel, Hotel Reservation Service
62.Abadi Berkat Perkasa PT, Equipment & Supplies
63.Abadi Bungalow, Bungalow
64.Abadi Citra Rasa PT, Retail
65.Abadi CV, Dealers & Distributors
66.Abadi Genteng Jatiwangi PT, Materials
67.Abadi II Apotik, Pharmacies
68.Abadi Jaya Foto, Colour Prints
69.Abadi Jaya Foto, Others
70.Abadi Jaya Komunika, Equipment
71.Abadi Jaya Toko, Others
72.Abadi Jaya Toko, Dealers
73.Abadi Komputer PT, Computers
74.Abadi Kosmetik, Retail
75.Abadi Modern, Dealers
76.Abadi Modern Furniture, Dealers
77.Abadi Motor, Others
78.Abadi Motor, Dealers
79.Abadi PD, Materials
80.Abadi Raya Trade & Contractor CV, Materials
81.Abadi Rental Car, Rental & Leasing
82.Abadi Shop, Hobby & Model Construction
83.Abadi Spanduk, Outdoor
84.Abadi Teknik, Repairing
85.Abadi Toko, Materials
86.Abadi Toko, Plastics
87.Abadi Wisata PT, Bureaus
88.Abadimukti Kirana PT, General
89.Aban Accessories, Leather
90.Abar Toko, Parts & Supplies
91.ABC 2000, Equipment & Supplies
92.ABC Apotik, Pharmacies
93.ABC Foto Video, Portrait
94.ABC Jeans, Jeans
95.ABC Label, Accessories
96.ABC Label, Garment
97.ABC Motor, Parts & Supplies
98.ABC Optic, Optical Goods
99.ABC President Enterprises Indonesia PT, Products
100.ABC Putra Mandiri, Rental & Leasing
101.ABC Putra Mandiri Taxi, Taxicabs
102.ABC Rental Car, Rental & Leasing
103.ABC Toko, Dealers & Retail
104.ABC Toko, Bags
105.ABC Toko, Bags
106.ABC Toko, Dealers
107.ABC Toko, Stationers
108.ABC Variasi, Accessories
109.Abdi Farma Apotik, Pharmacies
110.Abdi Malia Putra PT, Products
111.Abdibangun Buana PT, Equipment
112.Abdul Muis Motor PD, Dealers - New Cars
113.ABE Computer, Computers
114.Abellindo CV, Synthetic
115.Abetama Sempurna PT, Lamps
116.Abetama Sempurna PT, Wholesale
117.Abiyasa Tunggal PT, Contractors
118.ABM Furniture, Dealers
119.ABN Amro Bank NV, Banks
120.ABN Amro Bank NV, Banks
121.ABN Tunggal Leasing Indonesia PT, Leasing Services
122.Abunawas Group, Magicians
123.AC Jaya Toko, Retail
124.Acai Toko, Herbs
125.Acay Motor, Parts & Repairing
126.ACC, Financial Institution
127.ACC American Komputer Center, Training
128.ACC Derek, Towing Services
129.Accent Architecture, Architect & Construction
130.Accentual Interior Design & Furniture, Interior
131.Accesories Mobil Toko, Accessories
132.Accu Spartac, Batteries
133.Accumulator Spartac PD, Batteries
134.Accumulator Toko, Batteries
135.Accumulator Toko, Others
136.Ace Farma Apotik, Pharmacies
137.Ace Indoritel Perkakas PT, Hardware
138.Ace Jaya Motor, Service Stations
139.Ace Net, Internet
140.Ace Net, Others
141.Aceh Jaya PD, Bicycles
142.Aceh Motor, Parts & Repairing
143.Acep Hajeb Service, Compressors
144.Achino Hotel, Hotels
145.Achmad Benyamin Daniel SH & Associates, Accountants
146.Acord Meubel, Dealers
147.Active Computer, Systems & Equipment
148.AD Tour, Bureaus
149.AD Value Graphic Communication, Graphic Designers
150.Ada Toko, Retail
151.Adab Alam Electronic PT, Repairing
152.Adang Surya Sandaan PT, Products
153.Adcor Utama PT, Equipment
154.Adcorindo Tours & Travel, Agencies & Bureaus
155.Addytel Cellular, Equipment
156.Ade Frame CV, Frames
157.Ade Plastic, Plastics
158.Ade Salon, Beauty Salons
159.Ade Toko, Materials
160.Ades Air Mineral, Beverage
161.Ades Alfindo Putrasetia PT Tbk, Distributors
162.Adess Sumberhidup Dinamika PT, Farms
163.Adhi Chandra Dwi Utama PT, Printers
164.Adhi Dharma Bumi Indonesia Indah PT, Apartments
165.Adhi Jaya Elektronik, Electronic
166.Adhi Kartika PT, General
167.Adhi Karya CV, Repairing & Service
168.Adhi Karya PT Persero, General
169.Adhikara Suryatama PT, Materials
170.Adhikara Suryatama PT, Plastic
171.Adhikara Suryatama PT, Polypropylene & Polyethylene Products
172.Adhis PT, Newspaper
173.Adhiswara Advertising, Agencies & Counsellors
174.Adhitama PT, Embroidery
175.Adi Bakti Motor, Parts & Supplies
176.Adi Dharma PT, Developers
177.Adi Dinamika Telekomunikasi PT, Cellular
178.Adi Farma Apotik, Pharmacies
179.Adi Konsulindo PT, Accountants
180.Adi Teknik CV, Contractors
181.Adidas Cosmetics, Retail
182.Adigas Jaya Pratama PT, Household
183.Adigas Jaya Pratama PT, Others
184.Adiguna Gemilang PT, Real Estate
185.Adiguna PD, Cellular
186.Adiguna PD, Equipment
187.Adika Apotik, Pharmacies
188.Adikarya Toko, Appliances
189.Adil Foto Copy & Percetakan, Printing
190.Adil Foto Copy & Percetakan, Copying & Duplicating
191.Adil Production, Garment
192.Adimitra Abadi Mulya, Garment
193.Adinda Apotik, Pharmacies
194.Adipati Komputer, Computers
195.Adira Busana, Garment
196.Adira Dinamika Multi Finance PT, Leasing Services
197.Adira Dwimobilindo PT, Dealers - New Cars
198.Adira Mobil, Dealers - New Cars
199.Adira Semesta Industry PT, Garment
200.Adirasa Selaras Abadi PT, Retail
201.Adisarana Wanaartha PT Asuransi Jiwa, Insurance
202.Adison Sport, Dealers
203.Adison Sport, Sporting Goods
204.Aditama Computer, Computers
205.Aditama Elektronik, Repairing
206.Aditama Komunika PT, Equipment
207.Aditama Motor, Others
208.Aditama Motor, Dealers - Used Cars
209.Aditya Appraisal Bhakti PT, Appraisers
210.Aditya CV, Consulting
211.Aditya Jaya CV, Engines
212.Aditya PT, Wholesale & Manufacturers
213.Aditya Sukses Gemilang PT, Materials
214.Adivideo Video Production, Portrait'' Wedding Parties'' Etc
215.Admis CV, Photo Copying
216.Adorer Toko, Retail
217.Adriani Budiono SH Notaris PPAT, Notaries - Public
218.Advance Puriferindo PT, Appliances
219.Advanced Technology, Treatment
220.Advanced Technology, Tanks
221.Advertising Promosi Indonesia Tama, Agencies & Counsellors
222.Advokat & Pengacara Tony Santhony SH LDS, Lawyers
223.Advokat Tanu Subroto, Lawyers
224.Adya Farma Apotik, Pharmacies
225.Adyarta Cipta Selaras PT, Systems & Equipment
226.Aegis Indonesia PT Asuransi, Insurance
227.Aegis Indonesia PT Asuransi, Loss Adjusters
228.AER, Art Shop
229.Aesop Business Volunteer, Others
230.Aesop Business Volunteer, Consultant
231.Afat Bearing Toko, Bearings
232.AG Perus, Knit
233.Aga Optical, Retail
234.Agam Bengkel Teknik, Rebuilding & Repairing
235.Agape Quilts & Crafts, Handicrafts
236.Agape Trikarsa Libratama PT, Wire
237.Agapindo PT, Equipment
238.AGF SBU General Insurance, Insurance
239.Agis Electronic Store, Retail
240.Agis Electronic Superstore, Dealers
241.Agis PT Tbk, Distributors
242.Agnesi Media Wisata, Agencies & Counsellors
243.Agni Surya PT, Electrical Equipment & Supplies
244.Agrabudi Komunika, Equipment & Supplies
245.Agro 2002, Wholesale
246.Agro Prima, Wholesale
247.Agro Subur Bumi Lestari PT, Others
248.Agro Subur Bumi Lestari PT, Fertilizers
249.Agrotek Bina Mandiri PT, Manufacturers
250.Agung Abadi PD, Electronic
251.Agung Elektronik, Equipment & Services
252.Agung Elektronik, Repairing
253.Agung Jaya Elektronik, Dealers
254.Agung Jaya PD, Materials
255.Agung Prima, Dealers
256.Agung Putra Material, Materials
257.Agung Raya PT, Freight Forwarding
258.Agung Rejeki Toko, Batik
259.Agung Sampurna Toko, Materials
260.Agung Sejati UD, Copying Machines & Supplies
261.Agung Tailor, Tailors
262.Agung Teknik PT, Equipment & Systems
263.Agung Toko, Goldsmiths
264.Agung Toko, Retail
265.Ahass Bengkel, Parts & Repairing
266.Ahau Teknik, Repairing
267.Ahli Gigi Toko, Dentist
268.Ahmad Midan & Partners, Lawyers
269.Ahmad Midan & Partners, Lawyers Patent For Consumer
270.Ahmes Media Center, Computers
271.Ahong Toko, Herbs
272.Ahong Toko, Retail
273.Ahwa Kalender, Calendars
274.AI Jaya Makmur CV, Industrial Cleaning
275.Ai Masriah Rosuwandi SH Notaris, Notaries - Public
276.Ai Toko, Others
277.Ai Toko, Tapioca Products
278.AIA Indonesia PT Asuransi, Insurance
279.Aicom Jaya Computer, Computers
280.AIG Lippo Life PT Asuransi, Insurance
281.AIMS Consultants, Management Consultants
282.Aimtopindo Activated Carbon PT, Chemicals
283.Aimtopindo Activated Carbon PT, Carbon Activated
284.Aimtopindo Nuansa Kimia PT, Carbon Activated
285.Air Brush Handphone, Cellular
286.Air Cerdas Ganesa PT, Beverage
287.Air Mancur Toko, Herbs
288.Air Mancur Toko, Bakers
289.Aircraft Services Dirgantara Indonesia PT, Engines - Servicing & Maintenance
290.Airess Mega Utama PT, Manufacturers
291.Airess PT, Beverage
292.Airin Toko, Retail
293.Airindo Sakti PT, Heavy Equipment
294.Airland Hillman Abadi PT, Equipment
295.Airland Hillman Abadi PT, Dealers
296.Aisy Toko, Fashion
297.Aisyiah Jabar, Foundations
298.Ajasel PT, Equipment & Supplies
299.Ajinomoto Indonesia PT, Condiment
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